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Job Overview



  • Oversees the organization of the day to day operation of the teens club and maximizes the efficiency and performance in all areas
  • Ensures that all sign in/out procedures are being followed correctly at the teens Club
  • Ensures that all monthly stock takings are being carried out following the KANIKA policies
  • Ensures that appropriate stock levels of items required for the teens club activities are available through ordering new stock when needed
  • Monitors that all staff is taking the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all children at all times
  • Provides a high level of guest satisfaction through effective communication with all departments
  • Creates a safe environment for both staff and children and ensures that all health & safety policies are being maintained by constantly training and monitoring the teams
  • Ensures that all risk assessments are being carried out at the beginning of the season (April) as well as during the peak months (mid-July)
  • Develops positive relationships with all the departments of the hotel and identifies areas to improve the smooth flow of information between departments
  • Ensures the proper promotion of the teens Club Program through advertisement via notice boards, room fliers, tv system, social media etc.
  • Ensures equipment is in proper operational condition and is being cleaned and maintained on a regular basic
  • College Diploma or Educational related courses
  • Minimum related experience of 3 years required
  • Fluent in English and any other language will be considered an advantage
  • Relevant training (child protection)
  • Certificate in child CPR and First Aid required
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Strong at problem solving, multi-tasking and highly responsible and reliable
  • Good team player and ability to focus on guests’ needs and remain calm and courteous at all times
  • EU citizen or an EU work permit holder

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