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Job Overview

We are a highly successful company with great ambitions. We operate in a very competitive market so every day we are looking for opportunities to be better. To be faster. Even faster. Never stand aside and never afraid to try. Having a lot of ideas we are very open to fresh ones. Equally important, we have the resources to bring these into motion.

Tech stack:

Infra/DevOps: Docker, AWS, K8S, Prometheus, Grafana, GitlabCI, Flux, Helm.

Product/Dev: PHP (7.4+, Symfony 5.x), Kafka, MySQL, ClickHouse, Supervisor, AngularJS.

We invite those who fired up to:

— Develop and maintain marketing services;
— Database design;
— Implement testing (Unit, integration);
— Refactor and bottleneck optimization;
— Participate in setting up CI/CD processes;
— Implement monitoring (Grafana).

Essential professional experience:

— 4+ years of relevant experience in PHP Developer role;
— Strong knowledge of PHP;
— Good knowledge of Symfony 5.x;
— Experience with Kafka;
— Experience with Relational DB (MySQL, ClickHouse);
— Experience with REST;
— Knowledge of common accepted software design principles (design patterns, anti-patterns, refactoring, etc);
— Experience with distributed, high-loaded and high-availability systems;
— Experience with version control systems (Git);
— Good knowledge of Unix-like operating systems;
— Knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures;
— Knowledge of Docker.

Desirable skills and personal features:

— Experience with Redis;
— Experience with Grafana;
— Experience with JS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Webpack;
— Experience with OpenAPI, Swagger;
— Experience with Supervisor, systems;
— Fast learner;
— Ready for challenges.

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